I Ragga Lox, is set to  perform  in Jamaica, Officially, for the first time in over 10 years. Schedule to make my appearance at Sanchez and Friends,” Keeping It Real”, I am very excited, and plan to deliver a stellar performance. The concert,  is a St, Andrew Technical High School, (S.T.A.T.H.S), past students fundraiser, and mostly features artiste from the school, including Sanchez.  I did not attend S.T.A.T.H.S, so i really give thanks for the proprietors of this event to reach out to I, being a part of this school building venture is truly a honor, (plus mi have nuff friends whe go S.T.A.T.H.S). This concert also features Turbulance, Lutan Fyah, Hawkeye Mega Banton, all past studends and more.

So be there:

March 30th 2019,

Chinese Benevolent Association,

176 Old Hope Rd,

Kingston Jamaica.

One Ragga Lox


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Posted by Carol Lyn Murray on Saturday, March 16, 2019